Presentations and Handouts from HCT Training and Workshops


September 15, 2020, New tutor orientation

  • Video (2:40) – Helpful Zoom meeting controls
  • Video (24:27) – If you have not tutored with us, this session covers everything you need to know to get started with a student!

September 15, 2020, remote tutoring training

  • Full Video (43:01) of Remote Tutoring Training (individual segments are listed below)
      • Video (4:25) – Recipe for Remote Tutoring – the ingredients needed for a successful session
      • Video (1:17) – Overview of use of Google classroom, used by schools during Distance Learning
      • Video (12:23) – Useful Zoom features (incl. share screen, annotation, white board, Google classroom) to know about for your online tutoring session
      • Video (1:13) – Healthy Cities Tutoring Tutor Brian and his student Cal, working on math
      • Video (1:56) – Navigating our website to find helpful tutoring resources
      • Video (13:50) – Remote tutoring Q&A


January 15, 2020, Workshop Tutor Tips

October 16, 2019, White Oaks School – Tutor orientation and training



March 15, 2018, Central Middle School – How to support the reluctant learner

prior to 2017

October 19, 2016, White oaks school – Tutor orientation and training

  • Video of entire presentation

April 7, 2014, San carlos District Office – what type of learner are you?

  • Video of entire presentation

March 4, 2014, Central Middle School – How to support your student in math

  • Video of entire presentation. Part 1 is about the “Everyday Day Math” curriculum that is being used in the elementary schools in San Carlos and Part 2 delves into the aspects of a math class in middle school.
    1. Video Part 1:”Supporting Your Student in Math”: elementary school part of math workshop
    2. Video Part 2: “Supporting Your Student in Math”: middle school part of math workshop