Information for Parents

during covid-19 our mentoring/tutoring sessions will be done remotely if possible (information at bottom of this page)

What is Healthy Cities Tutoring all about?

Healthy Cities Tutoring (HCT)  is a leading community-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing a one-on-one volunteer tutor/mentor for students struggling to achieve success in school in the communities we serve. As an independent organization we partner with the schools to deliver our services. In collaboration with schools, parents, tutors, and the community, HCT is distinctive in its approach and practices, going beyond traditional curriculum-based tutoring by addressing each student’s unique social, emotional, and academic needs. Healthy Cities Tutoring strives to create an environment where:

    • Students look forward to each tutoring session and see their assigned tutor as an ally, champion, and mentor.
    • Tutors are driven by wanting to help. They have a strong sense of purpose and continue to develop and improve their tutoring skills. They see themselves as an integral part of the Healthy Cities Tutoring family and build connections with their students, parents, teachers, and Healthy Cities Tutoring staff. They know they are valued for their contribution and feel their own lives are enriched by their experience.
    • Teachers see the value of HCT in their classroom and support and communicate with the volunteer tutors. They appreciate the tutors’ time and contribution.
    • The collective community values Healthy Cities Tutoring and provides funding, volunteers, resources, and advocacy. They see how HCT positively impacts the lives of students, their families and the future of our community.

key points

    • Tutoring sessions are in-person once a week for 45 minutes
    • Tutoring can take place during school hours or after school depending on class schedule, and student’s and tutor’s availability
    • Tutors are placed with students throughout the year and tutors are asked to commit until the end of the school year
    • Our pool of volunteer tutors consists of high school students, retirees, working people, parents and other community members
    • Tutors are in general not professionally trained, but are people who want to give back to their community. Healthy Cities provides several trainings throughout the year and lends general support.
    • the student’s teacher is the main point of contact for the tutor and parent regarding the student’s progress

How can I request a volunteer tutor for my child?

If your child attends one of the 13 schools we currently serve and is struggling and you feel they would benefit from weekly one-on-one help by a volunteer tutor, please contact your child’s teacher. Referrals are made by the student’s teacher completing a Tutoring Referral Form and submitting that to Healthy Cities Tutoring. You will be asked to sign a Parent Permission Letter. Based on your child’s needs and availability of tutors we will do our best to match your child with a tutor.

remote tutoring FAqs for parents

Do I need to fill out any forms?
Due to the changed nature of the tutoring sessions we require a newly signed parent permission form before the tutoring sessions can start. We will email the online form to you as part of the process of matching your child with a tutor.

Do I need to monitor or be present for each tutoring session?
No. We need you to attend the first 10-15 minutes of the very first session but after that we rely on you to ensure your child is being safely watched, similar to how they would be during distance learning.

How does my child share their work with their tutor?
We hope that the child and tutor will work out a process for sharing work. They can share screens on zoom, use shared google docs, or use white/dry erase boards or other tools that the individual has on hand to share work.

My child needs some help using zoom, how can I help them?
We’ve compiled lots of great resources for using Zoom. Check out this page on our website for tutorials and a downloadable reference guide (English) (Spanish) written especially for students.

How long should sessions last?
Students are spending a lot of time online right now and we are keenly aware that it can be overwhelming for younger students so it might be more effective to have two 20 minute sessions instead of one 45 minute session. We will leave it to you and the tutor to determine what works best for all.

What should my expectations be for the tutor / student relationship?
It goes without saying that this year will look different from other years. We have different expectations for parent involvement and we know that remote tutoring presents challenges for all involved. We ask that you be mindful of the fact that our organization holds academic achievement and social/emotional health as key elements of the student/tutor relationship. Some sessions may not be as academically focused and that’s ok! Sometimes students just need to talk to someone and that can provide a much needed boost to self esteem and be useful for students. As well, please also remember that our tutors are volunteers and doing the best they can. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to the HCT program coordinator for your child and we can help you navigate any issues.

What should I do if my child needs to miss a session?
Contact your child’s tutor and let them know. If possible, reschedule for a mutually convenient time.

What should I do if my child’s tutor doesn’t show up for a session?
Contact your child’s tutor and see if there was a misunderstanding. If possible, reschedule for a mutually convenient time. If it is a recurring issue, please reach out to the HCT program coordinator for your child.
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