A lovely celebration of our volunteers

On Wednesday, May 17, Healthy Cities Tutoring held its 21st annual Volunteer Recognition Reception to celebrate and honor the 361 volunteers who made a difference in the lives of our students this year.

The Council Chambers of City Hall in San Carlos was filled to the brim with Healthy Cities volunteers, teachers, parents, students and supporters from the community to celebrate this years volunteers.

The reception began with opening remarks from San Carlos Mayor Bob Grassilli, San Carlos School Board Board President Nicole Bergeron and Redwood City School Board President Hilary Paulson. Additional speakers at the event included principal Steven Kaufman, tutors Samuel Kaufman and Eimon Amjadi, parent Corrina Prado and student Mina Maldonado. All these speakers touched on how the program has made a difference in their lives.

Certificates of appreciation were handed out to all of the volunteer tutors. In addition, HCT was proud to honor the tutors who have reached a noteworthy tutoring anniversary:

5 years Tutoring Award Recipients:

  • Judy Adams
  • Nancy Agronin
  • Heather Azadi
  • Bill Barrons
  • Nancy Crampton
  • Janis Daniel
  • Sandra Green
  • Penny Greenberg
  • Samuel Kaufman
  • Judy Langstrom
  • Laura Macfarlane
  • Sara Mancini
  • Marina Morilla
  • Peter Tzifas
  • Vivian Wang

10 years Tutoring Award Recipients:

  • Cris Adair
  • John Carpenter

15 years  Tutoring Award Recipients:

  • David Becht
  • Bob Bensi
  • Bob Langstrom
  • Carolynn Licht
  • Cathy Wilcox

20 years Tutoring Award Recipient:

  • Linda Townsend

Many thanks to all of our volunteer tutors and the support form the broader community that makes this work possible!