FAQs Remote Tutoring (for tutors)

Do you need tutors this year?
Yes! If you are a new or returning tutor, we need you! If you are a new tutor you can sign up through our website here or if you are a returning tutor you can contact the HCT staff person you last worked with.

How do I sign up to tutor this year?
If you are a returning tutor you can contact the HCT staff person you last worked with and they will help get you started or new tutors can fill out the application form here.

When will I start tutoring again?
It depends. To give students, families and educators time to establish schedules and get used to Distance Learning we are waiting until late September to begin re-matching. First, we will re-match students and tutors who were remote tutoring together in the spring. Then, we will move onto re-matching tutors and students who are available to start working together this fall. Finally, we will move onto new matches of students and tutors.

Will I be able to tutor the same student I’ve worked with in the past?
It is our hope that we will be able to re-match you with the student you’ve worked with in the past. However, due to all the changes this year brought on by Covid-19 and Distance Learning, some families may not be able to make their students available for remote tutoring. In this case we will work with you to find a new student who you can help achieve greater academic success and enhanced self esteem.

Will you provide training or help to get me started?
Yes! We have several training sessions coming up that will help you learn how to effectively tutor students remotely. As well, we will be running a series of “Brown Bag Lunches” which will be informal mini training sessions on subjects relevant to remote tutoring. Our HCT staff is always here to help you and will work with you to ensure you have the tools you need to get started with remote tutoring. Check our website for the latest news and events.

I’m unsure about using online tools for tutoring, can you help me?
Yes! Our HCT staff will be running a series of workshops and training sessions that will show you how to use online tools to tutor. And, we are always here to support and guide you. Check out our website for the most up-to-date information about training and workshops and please contact your HCT staff person for more information and guidance. There is lots of great information, and recordings from previous workshops, on our website. Visit Tutor Corner to learn more.

How will I be able to access my student’s work?
We are working with the San Carlos and Redwood City school districts to gain direct access to student work but it may not be an easy process. In the meantime we will offer tips and tricks for sharing screens and using other tools (shared google docs, whiteboards, etc) so that you can work with your student and be able to see their work.

Can I still contact my student’s teacher for new work?
At this point we are trying to give teachers space to focus on working with their students. Some teachers may have bandwidth to help out though and, if so, they will reach out to you.

How does scheduling work this year?
You will work with the parents/guardians of your tutee to determine the schedule this year. In some cases it might make more sense to have two mini sessions a week instead of one long session. Students are spending a lot of time online right now and we are keenly aware that it can be overwhelming for younger students so it might be more effective to have two 20 minute sessions instead of one 45 minute session. We will leave it to you and the tutee’s family to determine what works best for all.

Where and how will we meet?
All meetings will be virtual this year and on Zoom, if possible. All of the San Carlos and Redwood City school district students are using Zoom for their classes so students and families are familiar with using it. HCT is offering training for tutors on how to use Zoom so please contact us if you are new to Zoom. We are asking tutors to set up a recurring Zoom link for their tutoring sessions so that tutors and students can easily find it and it’s the same week to week.

How do I use Zoom?
We’ve compiled lots of great resources on using zoom. Check out this page on our website for downloadable cheat sheets and other useful information about using Zoom for your tutoring sessions.

What should I do if I need to miss a session?
Contact your tutee’s family and let them know. If possible, reschedule for a mutually convenient time.

What should I do if my student doesn’t show up for a session?
Contact your tutee’s family and let them know. If possible, reschedule for a mutually convenient time. If it is a recurring problem, please contact your HCT contact person.

What if the student has no work?
You can use the Tutor Binder, games, skill building, ask students if they can review their assignments with you.

What if we don’t get all the work done?
That’s ok! Help them make a plan for how they will complete the work on their own.

What if my student wants to end the session early?
If they’re truly having a bad day it’s ok to end the session early. Students are spending a lot of time on zoom and screens and sometimes need some time off.

What if my student only wants to play games?
It’s ok to take a break and play games but first, try to go back to your plan – what work is there still left to do? If there is none, you can use resources at Tutor Corner for games or activities that will reinforce academic concepts for students.