Brown Bag lunch ‘n learn 4/29/2020

Getting started

  • Check-in/ask about their day or what they’re doing
  • Have some fun: Play a game like 20 questions, do a scavenger hunt retrieving random items such as a magazine, stuffed animal, wooden spoon, ball, piece of mail and a potholder) or share a joke.
  • Share a story (food you made, a small animal you saw, happy memory)
  • Ask about homework

Doing the basics: Reading, Writing, Math

  • Read a book aloud and ask questions (what do you think will happen next? What is in his backpack? What do you think she wants for her birthday?)
  • Writing – provide a prompt and share the writing with each other; Write a story together in which each of you contributes a sentence one after the other
  • Do a challenge question with each other (describe your dream day, a country you’d like to visit, create a cake – what would it look like? a hobby that you do)
  • Math – addition or multiplication tables, practice.

Set a goal for the next session

  • Bring a memorable item in your house, draw a picture, share a favorite game, show a book cover of a beloved book.
  • Have an art contest – task both of yourselves drawing a penguin and compare them next session
  • Both wear a designated color – wear as many pieces of green clothing as possible

Other Tips

  • Use a puppet during the video session. The puppet can tell the student a story or quiz the student on multiplication tables or just chat with the student about what happened this week.